The all-in-one tool for digital DJ's. A controller is great for new DJ's and those looking to upgrade. They let you browse tracks, stay in-sync and mix the day away.

Of course we have a choice of different software options because we know everybody has different preferences.

An essential tool for controlling your mix. Letting you crossfade between channels and giving you command over the EQ and gain controls.

Our DJ mixers are robust and come with a variety of connectivity options.

It can be hard to stay focused on cue-ing your mix over the sound of the dancefloor going nuts.

We stock a selection of closed-back DJ headphones that will isolate the sound for you to stay in the zone, while also being comfortable enough to wear for hours without strain.

Modern DJ decks emulate the feeling of vinyl turntables with scratch and platter control, but using either CDs or MP3 as the input. A great tactile mixing tool to practice your technique.

We keep an assortment of premier brand CD- and MP3-based DJ decks in supply.

Protective bags and cases are essential components to extending the life of your equipment. Prevent accidental damage and dust build-up.

We source protective storage solutions in a wide range of dimensions and sizes.

An easy to install laptop stand, some high quality cables to keep the signal clear and maybe some lasers, lights and a smoke machine for the mobile DJ?

Visit us in-store and find the many different bits and pieces you need to make your setup complete.

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