Wired - A wired microphone grants hassle-free setup, but is restricted by the length of cable to which it is attached.

Wireless - Wireless microphones offers flexibility and mobility, but generally cost more than their wired counterparts.

Handheld - The classic handheld microphone, easily operated, shared and moved around stage.

Headset - Lightweight and comfortable, headset microphones sit securely on your head and free up your hands.

Lavalier - Also known as lapel mics, these discrete microphones offer a great hands-free experience.

Passive - Lighter weight and often cheaper than active speakers. Passive speakers don't require to be powered via wall outlet and can be easily upgraded with a new amp.

Active - Active speakers have amplification built-in, making setup a breeze. They are often designed with multiple inputs and active bi-amping.

Bass Bins - The only thing lower than our prices is the deep sub-bass coming out of our bass bins.

Battery Powered - Great portability for musicians on the move. Keep your speaker charged and perform in the most remote places without compromising on loudness or quality.

Headphones - Our professional grade headphones provide clear, detailed and accurate sound at a great price.

Studio Monitors - We don't compromise on sound and neither should you. Our monitor speakers provide punchy response and accurate audio.

Audio Interfaces - An audio interface allows you to connect microphones and instruments to your computer to create high-quality recordings.

And More... - MIDI keyboards & controllers, Synths, Samplers & Sequencers, Effects, DI Boxes, Cable Adapters. Let us help you find what you are looking for to complete your studio setup.

Analog Mixers - Analog live mixing consoles are simple to operate and tend to be less expensive than digital, but are bulky and lack some of the features of digital.

Digital Mixers - With the ability to preprogram settings and recall them at any point, digital mixers are powerful, flexible and compact.

Power Amplifiers - Power amps are essential for any passive speaker setups and we like to keep a range of power ratings and impedance available.

Guitar Amplifiers - Different amps and brands carry their own unique sound. So we like to have a variety on hand for you to pick what suits you. Come in and take them for a test (over)drive.

Audio Cables - Jacks, XLR's, RCA's. We've got heaps of connectors, adapters and cables to suit your needs.

Stands - We understand  the need for stands.. speaker stands, microphone stands, music stands, laptop stands.

Power Accessories - Setting up sound isn't easy without power. So we keep extension cables, multi-plugs and a range of power supplies in stock.

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