A stage is nothing without good lighting. Stage lights creates atmosphere and add energy.

We like to stock a wide range of lights, from high-brightness LED par cans which are extremely versatile and reliable to powerful followspots for controlling the spotlight. From entry-level lights for intimate gigs to the dazzling lights on the big stage.

Lighting Controllers, or DMX Controllers, allow you to control lighting levels and other settings such as colours and effects.

With LED technology taking over the combinations are seemingly endless. So naturally you need a powerful controller to turn the chaos of impossibility into structured beauty. We have a range of small and large format lighting desks to suit small venues and larger theaters alike.

Effects can add an extra dimension to an already established mood. It can be patterns, movement or color-shifting. Some lights will combine all of these effects into one.

We also have ultraviolet lights (UV) for that iconic purple glowing effect. Smoke and bubble machines for an added physical element. Mirror balls for that disco feel. Strobes for that stutter effect. And more...

Moving head lights are multi-functional. They add a dynamic layer to your lighting arsenal. These DMX enabled lights are as fun to operate as they are to watch.

We have spot moving heads for those needing more focused beams and wash moving heads for larger coverage. Many moving head lights include different effects on multiple channels.

A narrow beam of light in a variety of dizzying patterns. Lasers are mind-blowing.  And no laser show is complete without a hazer or smoke machine to make the sharp lines stand out.

We stock professional lasers that are perfect for nightclubs, mobile DJ's, discos, house parties and anywhere else you think would be suitable.

It is not uncommon to see a projector and screen on a stage. While you can project on a white wall or surface a lot of the vibrancy of the image will be lost. Then there's the possibility of front- or rear-projection.

We supply projectors and screens of varying sizes and aspect ratios. Let us guide you through the decision-making process for a perfect fit.

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